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How to Decrease your Costs & Increase your Energy Efficiency

It’s summer time, which means heat…, which means air conditioning.

With temperatures rising due to Global Warming we’re finding that it’s impossible to close the air conditioning ever, especially in countries where it gets extremely hot, like in the Middle East and Egypt.

As a result your electricity bill skyrockets, not to mention the impact on the environment.

So the question is:

How do we increase energy efficiency of our air conditioning, thereby reducing both our cost and its impact on the environment?

There are several ways to increase the energy efficiency of your air conditioning (reducing your energy bill), using no cost, or small investments that reduce future costs.

No Cost Solutions:

1. Clean around the outdoor condenser unit:

Essentially, air conditioning systems remove heat and moisture from your living space. When moisture accumulates within your air conditioning system the room will need more time to cool. Make sure the external outdoor condenser is properly cleaned (preferably by a professional), as regular cleaning of the outdoor condenser unit can increase it’s efficiency by around 40%, as well as extend the lifespan of your air conditioner.

2. Vacuum all indoor vents and keep them unblocked:

This you can do yourself with your vacuum cleaner. Make sure that all debris is cleaned perfectly. If you wish, you can consult a professional to have a look and make sure that it’s cleaned properly.

3. Keep your curtains and blinds closed:

The sun in the previously mentioned regions shines everyday all day, which increases heat within your home and puts additional pressure on your internal air conditioning systems.

4. Properly insulate ductwork:

It’s usually easier to repair drain lines using duct tape as it serves the same purpose. This is not a problem, just make sure that they’re insulated properly using specialised duct sealing tape to prevent leaks.

Slightly Higher Cost Solutions:

1. Replace old air conditioning systems, and make sure the new one has the right specifications for the room (you might need to consult a professional).

2. Properly insulate all windows and doors, and make sure that no air travels through them while they’re closed.

A final note on reducing electricity usage.

Several light bulb manufacturers have developed energy-saving light bulbs that when opened start dim then increase in brightness gradually. I personally had never heard of these until I moved to the Netherlands and discovered them in my rented apartment. These are an excellent and relatively cheap way to reduce your electricity bills as well.

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