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Building your Team

In today’s highly competitive environment, choosing your team can be relatively challenging;

Who should you trust?
Is this a trial run, or is their initial plan to stay for the long term?
What do we do when serious conflict happens?

Prioritization is always key; you’re building a team because you have a product/service to offer, and you need the best people for you to help you do it, and vice versa.

That being said, is the ultimate desired outcome profit, or is it much more than that?

We’re all people, and the connections we build in the team might serve a stronger purpose than all around profit.

Strong teams focus on the vision that constantly being able to change and adapt and be open to new ideas/solutions comes before how profitable they can potentially become (in other words, high flexibility and emotional stability).

They understand that it is them together who have the ability to shape the future (we are not an island, we are interconnected), and use this concept as the basis for their strategy/goals.

So when thinking about team building, always think long term development, creation, unlimited potential (unless the situation requires otherwise).

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