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"It is persistance in quality that guarantees your corporation's

Market Leadership."    

Eng. Mohamed Mehrez

President & Founder 

Who We Are

Founded in the year 2000, we are an affiliate of the American Supplier Institute International and serve as a consultant & training institution in the following fields:




We are also a licensed partner with the American Society for Quality (ASQ), and offer certification courses and training sessions that prepare trainees for the ASQ Certification Exams.

Our goal is to improve the competitive position of our customers by building up their internal competence: in this regard we offer a comprehensive range of techniques, which will provide our customer organization with the means to achieve this competitive advantage.

We provide consulting and training to increase product and process quality. ASI consultants are not theorists, they have many years of hands-on experience from manufacturing, process and service industries and we help managers learn at all levels of an organization.


We make it easy to learn and apply challenging concepts. Our seminars prepare you with the practical and in-depth knowledge to achieve measurable, rapid results.

Quality Assurance
Quality Management
Quality Control
Quality Engineering
Production Planning
Reliability Engineering

Six Sigma








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