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Appreciation & Dreaming - How to Use them as Solutions

Updated: Jun 2, 2021


One of the strongest tools in life that ultimately leads to success.

Success? Define success.

When most of your needs and wants are met, NOT when you’re famous, or rich.

Once you focus your mindset in that direction, you’re able to maintain your performance in your work/life, regardless of any hurdles that may appear.

We have to make decisions on a daily basis, sometimes they’re of high importance, and sometimes they’re quit basic.

Nonetheless, when our minds are constantly distracted we find it impossible to make the best decisions for our overall well-being, which ultimately leads to disasters.

The key to reaching your greatest potential is NOT focusing on "success", it's adjusting your mindset to focusing on finding ways to improve and grow on a day to day basis, and acknowledging what you have (your strengths).


Because it's our dreams that help us imagine which direction we want to move in.

But don't stop at dreaming; realise that the concept of "impossible" does not exist. Focus your mindset on how to achieve your dream through careful planning and strategy, and never allow the words "impossible" or "too difficult" to enter your mind or cloud your judgement.

And finally...

Never give up.

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