Playing with our mRNA

Updated: Jun 2

The advent of COVID-19 inevitably changed many people's priorities and lifestyles, and with that industries have to take note of how these changes will impact their strategies for the future.

Out of the many significant technologies being developed and discussed currently, the one I find most relevant to me personally is the mRNA technology used to fight not only disease, but potentially enhance the human body to fight any of its human weaknesses through gene modification and recalibration.

Some trends worldwide are moving towards protection of our environment, and environmental sustainability. In my opinion, when we discuss protection of nature and the environment, I believe that includes the human body as well.

Resources are limited and technology in itself should not substitute our natural habitat and our natural body makeup.

That being said, the idea of reprogramming or altering our genes, to me, seems like a formula for creating larger long term threats within our human bodies.

The risks outweigh the potential benefits.

My question to you is:

Should the pharmaceutical industry dedicate any effort towards a cause that may create more business for them, while at the risk of potentially harming their clients in the long term?

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